The top 10 Murree tourist attractions are listed by Pakistan tour travel. Murree is the location of the Pakistan tour packages for sale. For couples and families from all around Pakistan, Murree is well-known for its honeymoon packages from Pakistan.


 The Mall Road
 Pindi Point
 Kashmir Point
 Patriata (New Murree)
 Bhurban
 Upper Topa and Lower Topa
 Rawat
 Nathiagali
 Ayubia
 Ghora Gali

 The Mall Road

Mall Road, Murree's most well-known marketplace, comes first. You may find all of Murree's distinctive
things right here. At 3 am, the road is open. People frequently like taking a stroll there to take advantage
of the lovely weather and delicious dining options. It is true that the street is bustling with people,
businesses, and smiling faces.

 Pindi Point

Pindi Point, which is about 15 minutes walk from Mall Road, is number two on the list of must-see
locations in Murree. Visitors like taking the 1.5-kilometer Chairlift ride from Pindi Point to Bansara Gali.
The chairlift's sight is also a wonderful experience. It's breathtaking to look down from the summit at the
lushly green mountains with the winding road.
Murree uses Pindi Point as a surveillance station. Because Islamabad and Rawalpindi can be seen from
the summit, it is known as Pindi Point. Additionally visible are the stunning Murree Hills and pine trees.
From RAAS Resort, it takes just 15 minutes to go to Pindi Point. Numerous cafes and eateries welcome
families. Another trip by cable car is available here, covering the 1.5 kilometers from Pindi Point to
Bansara Gali.

 Kashmir Point

The tranquil Kashmir Point is the next stop on the list. Kashmir Point is a fifteen-minute walk from the GPO and is closer. A stunning location in Murree offers peace and quiet away from the bustle of the city center.
A lovely atmosphere and the vista of the Kashmir Mountains never fail to captivate tourists.
The Government House (GPO) is also traversed by the Murree Safari Train, which entertains both adults
and children while guiding tourists. The imported German train does a full tour of Kashmir Point. Tickets
cost 200 PKR per person. Senior citizens and students enjoy additional benefits. The Safari train travels through the GPO, where other vehicles are not permitted, in 20 minutes on average. On the walls are
ancient photographs of the Murree during the colonial period.

 Patriata (New Murree)

Yes! The new Murree, like in Patriata, is around 15 kilometers away from the notable Murree hills on the
Lower Topa side and is rapidly gaining fame. The hill station was recently built to accommodate more
Murree visitors. From New Murree to Patriata, take a 7-kilometer chairlift and cable car journey of the
highest caliber. On top of the hills is a lovely resort (RAAS Resort) where visitors can stay time and time
again with their families and friends. Great high-rising trees and beautiful hills are additional attractions
for families and couples to enjoy their holiday in this area.
It is recommended to schedule your trip for the summer if you wish to escape the tourist crowds in
Patriata. You may feel secure taking the cable car. However, if you intend to travel to Murree in the busiest
winter months, be ready for a lengthy wait for tickets. However, after paying for the ticket and boarding
the elevator, you can take in the grandeur of the mountaintop as well as the many snow-capped mountain peaks.

 Bhurban

Bhurban's lush green surroundings and tranquil atmosphere made it a popular tourist destination in
Murree. Additionally, the treatment is doubled if you decide to stay in PC Bhurban. The visitor always prefers opulent amenities with picturesque settings. Bhurban is also 13 kilometers away from Murree,
which is one of the key roadways heading to Azad Kashmir.

 Upper Topa and Lower Topa

The Upper and Lower Topa in Murree, which is situated at a height of 7000 feet, is another sight worth
seeing. Additionally, amid the sweltering summer heat, the Upper and Lower Topa offers tourists a
relaxing retreat. The area also wore a white blanket throughout the winter when a lot of snow fell there.

 Rawat

Another beautiful setting in the Murree district is Rawat, which is surrounded by numerous well-known
villages. Mohra Darogha, Moore Khambaal, Sood Gangal, Dhok Amban, and others, in particular.
Additionally, the Rawat neighborhood is widely renowned for offering emergency primary medical care.
There are several medical clinics in this area that are frequented by experienced doctors.

 Nathiagali

All of Murree District depends on the Galliyat, and Nathiagali is the most popular Gali there. For instance,
Murree and Abbottabad are both 35 kilometers away from Nathiagali. With an elevation of 8400 feet, it
is lofty. Additionally, the Nathiagali offers breathtaking vistas with the snow-capped peaks of Kashmir and
Kohistan is in the background. In a clear sky, one can view Nanga Parbat's enormous mountains.

 Ayubia

Following Nathiagali as the most frequented location is Ayubia. It is the ideal picnic area in Murree since it is next to the Ayubia National Park, which is 1,050 meters above sea level. Additionally, it extends beyond 3,027 meters at the mountaintops within the valleys of the Murree mountains, which are lushly green and home to thousands of tourists and a nice temperature.

 Ghora Gali

The Ghora Gali is the last but certainly not the least visited location in Murree. There are numerous hotels and resorts to accommodate the large number of people visiting Ghora Gali. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, a delicious, delectable meal with breathtaking scenery.

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